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What Can Formula 1 Teach Us About Google Ads?

Success is not just about having a fast car. It is dependent on other factors, some you can control: your race strategy, your tires, etc. and some you cannot control: the weather, the other drivers, the condition of the track, etc.

Google ads is the same – you can have a great product but your ads performance is based on several factors, controllable and uncontrollable.

You can create ad copy, bid strategies and audiences to target. You can not control what other advertisers do, user behavior, or the economy.

A good google ads agency helps you optimize what you can control and helps navigate the things out of your control. You can pivot from uncontrollable circumstances…if you know what your options are.

That’s what I do for a living: help businesses establish what’s controllable and then navigate through the unknown. It requires a combination of using industry best practices and my 15 years of experience.