Google Ads Management

Improve your ROI with scalable PPC marketing

Getting Started With Keywords

Active Google Ad management starts by building a campaign around your product or service. We start with doing keyword research and then build out a campaign around your objectives and budget.

Avoid Wasted Ad Spend on. . .

Spent On Your Pay-Per-Click Ads

Not reaching the right market?

It's estimated that $37 Billion in marketing is wasted every year due to ​ poor targeting and​ a lack of relevancy. That PPC Guy builds custom audiences and uses customer data to target the right audience.

Produce Quality Content

That PPC Guy helps business owners grow their brand and avoid wasted ad spend through active campaign management powered by audience targeting and a focus on conversions. We're a Google Ads Partner and certifiend in Search, Display, Shopping and Video.

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That PPC Guy has been managing Google Ads since 2009

Justin Golden

That PPC Guy

Before starting my own business I managed $2MM in annual ad spend as a Digital Marketing Director at the corporate level and also worked as a paid media specialist at a marketing agency, both in Houston, TX. I took lessons from both experiences, combined them with my ideas and energy, and built That PPC Guy.

I live on 4 acres in beautiful Stilwell, KS with my wife and three kids. We love to travel and as a family we’ve visited 35 states and 16 National Parks. 

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