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Whether you have never run paid traffic to your website or you’ve been running ads for years, That PPC guy would love to chat; From market research, auditing accounts and answering your questions about different campaign types. Contact That PPC Guy to discuss your project. 

We offer free account audits of Google Ad campaigns and your Google Analytics account. If you’ve never had your analytics account audited I highly recommend it! Learn what traffic is doing on your website from ALL sources including organic, paid, social, and referral. It’s critical to learn how to improve your website before launching ads. 

Auditing Google Ads is just as insightful. Ever looked at your Search Impression Share? How about your Search Term Report? If you’re running ads and have never heard of these, connect with me today. 

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We can help ecommerce stores run shopping ads, restaurants show up on Google Maps and Waze, roofers show up first in search results, retarget website visitors, show up as a promotion in Gmail and run video ads on YouTube. How can we help you?

That PPC Guy doesn’t just offer pay-per-click campaigns using Google Ads. We also manage Microsoft, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn and Amazon ads. Please reach out to discuss any of these platforms for your business, we’d love to chat.