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Google Ads Training

Video Courses To Master Google Ads

Free 1-on-1 consultation with course purchase!

Uncover the Strategies used by my agency to build and optimize a converting Google Ads Search Campaign

A Step-by-Step guide taught by That PPC Guy, a 14 year Google Ads veteran and a Google Ads Partner.

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➡️ Dive into Google Search Ads with this 2.5 hour video led by That PPC Guy. In this training you’ll receive step-by-step instructions for setting up a Google Ads Search campaign.

 Follow along as That PPC Guy builds a campaign from start to finish, including selecting a goal, defining an audience, understanding location settings, selecting keywords, bidding, reporting, and so much more. Understand the importance of each step and how they affect the performance of a campaign. 

This tutorial is all you need to get started with Google Ads and uses the same format That PPC Guy uses for his clients. Perfect for business owners, freelancers and agencies.  

Updated for 2023

Learn More About Your Host, Justin

Before starting my own business I managed $2MM in annual ad spend as a Digital Marketing Director at the corporate level and also worked as a paid media specialist at a marketing agency, both in Houston, TX. I took lessons from both experiences, combined them with my ideas and energy, and built That PPC Guy.

That PPC Guy is a Google Partner managing over $300k/mo. in ad spend for clients across the United States. We utilize Search, Shopping, Display and YouTube for our clients. 

As of 2023 my family and I live full time in a 37′ motorhome. We have traveled all over the country and visited over 20 National Parks. Aside from PPC I love sharing about my travels and visiting clients face-to-face.